Bluetooth Technology: What Does It Do and How Does It Work

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What is the latest technology to be used in a mobile phone that involves the use of cable replacement to pass on information between devices and to communicate between disparate sets of computer peripherals' (Bluetooth Wireless Technology) It is the new ‘Bluetooth' that was originally launched by L.M.Ericsson to integrate a telephone with other Internet devices, (Mobile Computing: Bluetooth Technology) and is being developed by PalmSource, the Company that developed the first infrared port for the Palm handheld computer, which enabled users to ‘beam' information from one source to another with ease and speed. Whereas the Palm handheld device has to be essentially pointed at the device that is receiving information, the Bluetooth enables devices to remain in their original direction; they do not have to point at one another. Furthermore, the distance between the devices can be large, and the speed at which the information can be transferred is much higher. The data itself can be encrypted and therefore secure. In essence, the Bluetooth is the latest and fastest and also low cost mobile Internet device that is easily af Continue...

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(Wireless Technologies and Your Government) However, the policiesregarding the use of Bluetooth technology are as yet unclear, and willbecome clearer with the passage of time and with more numbers of users. The a"mobile computer' is another device that usesBluetooth. (Bluetooth enabled products) Nothing comeswithout a few risks, and Bluetooth has its fair share too. (How BluetoothTechnology Works-CNN. Yet anotheralternative is the a"Ultra Wideband', a system that transmits signalsthrough baseband pulses that are directly applied to the antennae. However, there is nothing that cannot be controlled and this too has beencontained and controlled within reasonable limits. The Bluetooth technologydefinitely comes under the classification of proprietary standard, which inessence means that Bluetooth is generally protected by a number of patentsthat are only revealed to the person who a"adopts' this technology, and notto the general public. (WIDCOMM Bluetooth asecurity Risk) It is therefore safe to say, at this point, that theBluetooth technology is a great boon to the modern day world, and isenjoying phenomenal success all over the world. Basically, the Bluetoothtechnology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic deviceor be used as an adaptor. The domesticconsumer can beam with infrared technology his business card at hisassociate using his mobile phone that is today made with an in- builtBluetooth system. (Bluetooth Technology: How Bluetooth Technology Works) Who are the persons or individuals who will find this advancedtechnology of benefit to them' The tech-savvy consumer has been showing alot of interest in the emerging Bluetooth technology for the past fewyears. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; thegreater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. These customers will probablystart using this technology within the next few months (six to twenty four)itself. The sales of Bluetooth enabled products,according to a survey by In-Stat Forecasts, will go up to an astounding 955million units by the year 2005. (Consumers gain interest inBluetooth for Wireless Communications) Major Companies like Ericsson, IBM, and Intel are all involved in themanufacture of user-friendly or consumer-friendly Bluetooth enabled devicesthat work on the principle of a"wireless technology' or related fields,which is essentially what Bluetooth is all about.


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