Working With The Aging

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Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here before you at a time in which the health care of older Americans has become a critical issue. Or should I say issues' We have more people needing more and more specialized care – this is critical. We have fewer and fewer people being asked to do more and more – that is critical. Current healthcare policy, especially for the aging, seems inadequate to address the challenges of what lies ahead. The situation seems very bleak at times. All signs seem to show that it will get bleaker. Well, I am here to tell you that I am the weatherman. I have weathered this storm with you. And I can tell you that the forecast looks good, if we can just keep our eyes on what is important and understand what tools we have to get through this, and overcome the challenges that the next years hold for us. I like to think of myself, when I think of myself, as the captain of my own ship. And the ship that I am piloting through these new and changing times of healthcare is definitely weathering some storms. As we all know, the health status of our aging population is going to cause us to rethink many of our set beliefs about providing health care to older adults. I don' Continue...

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Every single one of you here is here because you care for the elderly, or you care about the elderly, or you care about someone who cares. t just mean in the ways of policy, but also regarding our cultural values. We can remind our patients who are going through rough patches, their own perfect storm, that no matter how badly they feel, no matter how lonely or isolated or displaced they may seem to be we need to let them know that they are not alone. But here we are, and it is important that we remember every day that what we are doing is vital in the lives of our patients. Families can see whole life savings funneled away in the care of an elderly person. I wonder how many of you have been in this same situation yourselves' There can be a lot of frustration a" from family members who feel overwhelmed, from caregivers who feel overburdened, from the elderly who are frustrated that they have to rely on others to do the things they have been used to doing for themselves their whole live. It is our burden to understand that, in the coming storm, there will be fewer of us to go around. Most Medicare patients will pay out of pocket about 600 for their medications. You may look at me, and think that I am crazy, but I am telling you that this is all good news. We are caring for the patient, we are caring for the caregivers, and we are caring for the families and the extended families. You may not know it on the worst day, or even on the best day, but you are doing God's work here on earth. God is always with them, as he is with us. When we simply deal with our patients on a one-dimensional level, we are touching the body.


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