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Human Resources: How New Director Plans to Run the Department

Thank you for joining me this morning. As you all know I was recently appointed to the position of Human Resource Manager for the company and I have called you here today to outline the changes and methods I plan to implement to manage this asset. One of the first things I plan to implement is a new review procedure. For many years annual reviews across the nation have begun to include input from the employee. This can be a valuable tool for several reasons. Getting input from the employee who is being reviewed helps us understand where that employee believes his strengths and weaknesses are. This will help managers understand the individual employee and help this department develop plans of action to improve worker performance and chances for advancement. The annual review will be five pages long and will have spaces in which the employee will answer questions about himself and his future. The reviews will become part of the employee file and will serve as a tool for promotion and will serve as protection for termination. The second change that the company is going to make in the area of human resource management is to implement s diversity program at this company. For the past few years it has come to the attention of human resource managers that the embracement of diversity not only provides a more conducive workplace, but it also improves the ability to produce as a company by utilizing the strengths of various cultures. To this end we are going to design and implement a diversity workshop that all employees will be required to attend once a year. It will last eight hours and will be done in one day as department scheduling allows. Attendance will rotate so that no department is caught short handed, but it will be mandatory for each department to send one employee each week to the class until all have been trained. “Demographic changes are very important for HRM strategy. Different tools have to be applied for an older...

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