The Internet and Its Influence on Society

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Most people will agree that the Internet has had a tremendous impact upon society. But does the Internet have a positive or negative influence on society? This is a question that has sparked much debate. Many people believe that the Internet is negatively influencing society by increasing pornography, fraud, and other negative elements. Some say that, because the Internet is not regulated, it contributes to crime and decreases the safety of human beings. However, despite these negative aspects, the Internet has opened up many new doors of opportunity for people, improving the way we live, work, and play. In addition, the Internet has become a critical path for research. For these reasons, and many others, many people believe that the positive influences of the Internet far outweigh the negative ones. Ten years ago, the Internet was used by only a small population of the world. Fewer understood what the Internet even was. Today, however, that has all changed in record-breaking time. The Internet is everywhere, and thousands of new users are gaining access to it everyday1. This recent explosion of interest and usage of the Net has the potential for making the Net into one of the major societal shaping forces of the future. Continue...

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We find that over a third of Internet users use instant messaging at least once a week. Jeff Cole"tms UCLA Internet Report documented the political, social, cultural and economic changes that have occurred as a result of the Internet (Cole, 2000). In addition, when people do not have to leave their homes to go out shopping, they are less likely to socialize in or around shops, get exercise, or improve their local economy. Anonymity, difficulty punishing antisocial behavior, the absence of regulation and the use of temporary, alternative personalities - all weaken social inhibitions and encourage dangerous behavior. A similar debate erupted back then about how television was impacting society, as people spent less time socializing and were exposed to more violence and negative messages. Research is one of the greatest contributions the Internet has made to society. It is also possible for people to do the majority of their banking and bill paying online. It would be very difficult to document the many uses of the Internet. The Internet has allowed people from all over the world to express their ideas, communicate and enjoy life. The majority of the negative issues discussed in this paper can be researched in order to decrease the negative influence of the Internet. Students have many avenues to research topics for papers. For instance, a successful web design business may be run entirely online by a smart high school student or someone who is paralyzed. "On one hand, the Internet allows people to interact without accepting responsibility (Levine, 2002). The cost of publishing a newspaper or magazine online is much less than the cost of printing one. It's a way that people communicate through e-mail, instant messaging.


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