The Impact of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy on the United States

             There are many contending theories and views about the historical and political impact and aftermath of the death of John F. Kennedy. These various perceptions range from the common view that his death was a blow to democracy and peace in the county and resulted in the escalation of the Vietnam conflict; to opposing views that his legacy was the increase of American military imperialism and cold war aggression. These views will be discussed in this paper.
             However, if we are to focus on the impact of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the importance that this had of the country per se, then the discussion should be more on the cultural and ideological implications that followed immediately after the death of the president.
             The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the most traumatic social episodes and cultural disasters of the last century in the United States. The death of the President of America should also be seen in the context of the fact that it took place during the Cold War and there was a great degree of fear and suspicion that the assassination was linked to Soviet aggression. The following quotation encapsulates some of the tension and trauma that people in the country felt at the time.
             The first hour after the shooting, before Kennedy's death was announced, was a time of great confusion. As it took place during the Cold War, some people at first wondered if the shooting were not part of a larger attack upon the USA, and there was concern about Vice-President Johnson's safety. People began to huddle around radios and TVs for the latest bulletins.
             Numerous reports and studies state that the assassination profoundly affected the public, with traffic coming to a halt in some cities and most schools in the Unite States and Canada closing. “The television coverage of the assassination was the longest uninterrupted news coverage of one event until the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Cen...

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