War and the American Culture in Movies

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The Vietnam War – no other war in America’s history has caused discord among our society. With over 50,000 dead, the memories of this war far away in the Asian continent redefined our culture in the years to come. Even the way war-making policies related to the Middle Eastern conflicts of today is still overshadowed by the lessons learned or unlearned during the Vietnam War. Hollywood itself gave as a panacea of movies about this era and depending upon which decade a particular film was made, the thematic and cinematic presentations differ. The general substance remains the same but the outlook of a war of long ago varies depending upon the cultural outlook of the decade. A look at six Vietnam War movies made over a span of three decades will demonstrate the cultural and attitudinal change. The portrayal of each movie will give the viewer thoughts on how different generations perceive things differently. “The controversy of the Vietnam War influenced the film industry the most during the late sixties and into the mid eighties (McBride, 2006).” The paper specifically “examines the shift from the pro-war to anti-war perspective in Hollywood films, and the common themes that emerged within them as a result of the war. (Mc Continue...

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Hollywood's perspectives of the Vietnam War have proved to have changed quite considerably between the years of the conflict and almost two decades afterwards. Moore finds himself in the position once commanded by Custer, the irony of which is not lost on him as he prepares to lead his men towards possible annihilation. The main abstract of the movie deals with the incoming Col. Bride, 2006) The Green Berets (1968) This Vietnam War movie has the honor of being filmed during the height of the Vietnam War. Spradlin) a mission which he is to track down a renegade colonel deep in the jungle and 'terminate his command'. The purpose of this approach, according to the book's authors, was to differentiate the soldiers from the war. While it may have achieved that, the film's wholesale carnage only reinforces the pointlessness of war. The other way in which the film differs from almost all other Vietnam movies is that it makes no attempt to address the political aspects of the war. In Born on the Fourth of July, Stone revisits the topic to show us the damage the war did back home. But he gradually adapts and, as time goes by, begins to see that the platoon is divided into two groups. , an enraged Barnes kills some Vietnamese who may or may not have been VC and orders the burning of their village, outraging the temporarily absent Elias. The American culture at the time could not accept a so-called illegal war that John Wayne had to make a movie the ended up becoming a propaganda film invoking the righteousness of America's war in Vietnam. Let's make sure it is the kind of picture that will help our cause throughout the world . The film captured the American culture of the time when the public is well aware of the events of 911, Gulf War I and the ongoing Gulf War II.


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