Persuasive Letter: To the Dean of the Accounting Department

             The purpose of this letter is to address an academic matter of great concern to the students of the accounting department regarding the online accounting classes offered by the university. As you are no doubt well aware, accounting is one of the most challenging subjects, especially for students just becoming familiar with the discipline’s methods and thought processes. Learning the complexities of accounting through an online format is an almost impossible task, we students have found, despite our best efforts. Although the teacher may disseminate the correct information to his or her virtual class, no matter how qualified the instructor it is difficult for students to ask questions and get immediate personalized attention in a way that reinforces the key concepts of the course.
             Classes must be given in ‘real life,’ for accounting students to gain a full, fluent grasp of this very real life discipline. After graduation students will have their client’s financial lives in their hands. They will likely spend the rest of their lives gaining expertise, confidence, and skill in the rigors of the profession. The beginning of this lifetime of learning and study cannot take place on the other end of a computer screen, where the student cannot raise his or her hand, ask for the immediate input of his or her peers, or even simply ask the teacher to pause and clarify an unclear point, as an accountant would be able to do, sitting side-by-side a client in real life.
             If accounting classes are given in a classroom, with face-to-face interaction, the grades and level of instruction of the department, we students feel, will experience a seismic leap.

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