Trends in the Business Environment Have Evolved a New Strategic Role for Human Resources and Human Resource Management

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A number of trends in the business environment have evolved a new strategic role for human resources and human resource management. These trends include increased competition, globalization of markets, reshaping of organizations from hierarchical to flattened structures that eliminate middle management, greater diversity in markets and the workforce, and the drive to reduce costs while increasing productivity. As such, human resources represent a strategic resource for organizations hoping to leverage the people factor to gain competitive advantage. As McWilliams, Van Fleet and Wright (2001) assert, “One of the keys to successful competition in the global market is the effective development of human resources to achieve competitive advantage” (p. 2). As such, through the strategic management of the labor force, human resource managers are able to create competitive advantage in a sustainable manner. This is the new strategic role of human resources and human resource management in the organization. Two My organization relies on electronic technologies to staff and select candidates for employment. The main component of these technologies is a staffing and selection software tool known as myRecruiter (My, 2006). myRe Continue...

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The software provides all functions of staffing and selection in an automated manner, including what is known as "Talking Resume that eliminates the need for phone interviews (My, 2006, p. Other laws that prevent unfair hiring practices based on age and disability respectively are the Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967 and Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Federal, 2002). Therefore, the numerous benefits that come from such recruiting strategies are apparent. Other forms of fair employment law include the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which maintains men and women who perform equal work should be protected from "sex-based wage discrimination (Federal, 2002, p. Because of increased competition, cost-cutting and the need to recruit and select the best and brightest workforce candidates to achieve competitive advantage, my company relies heavily on the use of electronic means of staffing and selection. cruiter is a software program that provides a speedy and cost-effective method of automating the staffing and selection of hourly employees. These and other laws are in force to ensure that organizations employ individuals in a fair and unbiased manner that affords equal opportunity to all potential candidates. The program has been responsible for slashing hiring costs in my organization by 25 and has reduced turnover by 30. Such methods enable the organization to reach a far wider audience of candidates as well as those who are actively as well as passively considering a new position. Such electronic technologies and software also help human resource managers make more effective use of talent on hand. Helping to achieve the goals of the organization, electronic recruiting methods save recruiters from wading through mountains of paperwork, while saving the firm money compared to the cost of traditional media advertising. Increased productivity of recruiters and lower hiring costs than going with an outside recruiting agency also saves money.


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