US Army Values: Loyalty

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Loyalty is one of the US Army’s seven values, which is supposed to come about through the allegiance that soldiers show towards the US Constitution, the Army, one’s own unit, and to other soldiers. Loyalty is a very important value for soldiers to possess because it maintains unity and stability throughout the armed forces. Without such unity and stability the army would easily fail in its duty to engage in combat, which Continue...

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When soldiers are loyal to their superiors, peers, and subordinates, they are able to maintain morale and a sense of camaraderie, which is especially necessary during highly stressful combat situations. Loyalty is a value that has to be worked upon; commanders cannot just demand that their troops be loyal to both them and to each other. is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It has to be developed through sacrifice and commitment. Loyalty is thus capable of strengthening the level of teamwork needed by soldiers to get the job done quickly and effectively. That type of sacrifice is what seems to me to be the type of action needed to cause a real sense of loyalty to develop among soldiers. Both superiors and subordinates who show that they are looking out for each others best interests will undoubtedly gain loyalty from other soldiers. Soldiers often express that your real friend in the army is someone who's willing to take a bullet for you during combat. Loyalty to one's own unit and to other soldiers also allows comrades to develop deep and lasting friendships that can help them get through the stresses of both combat life and life after it. Without loyalty soldiers would be in danger of easily falling into enemy hands.


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