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Change is inevitable however the manner in which change is accepted or embraced by the individual will eventually result in a change in self. This is evident in the poems “The Door” by Miroslav Holub and “Glass Jar” by Gwen Harwood; “The Crucible” a play by Arthur Miller; “Mother Who Gave Me Life” by Gwen Harwood and the song “Mama” by Spice Girls. “The Door” by Miroslav Holub, in the form of a poem demonstrates that a change in self will result from experiences in which one encounters, depending whether the individual will embrace the change or not. The poem presents “the door” as an extended metaphor that represents embracing change and also as a symbol. Embracing change or not will depend on whether the individual wishes to remain in the state they are or leave that limited world through the door. Thus, the door is also a symbol; a closed door represents a barrier, which keeps us confined and limited, whereas an open door introduces new possibilities by allowing us past that barrier; therefore exposing ourselves to change. The poem begins with, “Go and open the door”, a short, powerful and demanding imperative that is repeated throughout the poem. The use of the imperative creates an emp Continue...

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The appreciation shown through in "Mother who gave me life is also presented in the song, "Mama by Spice Girls, once again resulting in a change in self through greater understanding and appreciation. By opening the door, the individual enters a new state of being filled with opportunities and possibilities. This is only when he woke up the following day to find the glorious "sun shining vividly in the bright sky "through flower-brushed fields with the use of pleasant sounds of 'f' and 'l' in daytime. Proctor during the course of the play has demonstrated to the audience that in order to change, individuals need to understand more about themselves in order to overcome own weaknesses. This is presented through the imagery employed by the composer, suggesting to the reader that nothing is certain once that door is opened, only possibilities such as a single "tree suggesting growth in character; to a beautiful and benign "garden which suggests an improvement in one's life, progressing through to a wondrous "magic city. Here, Harwood also introduces sibiliant sounds of 's' and 't', symbolising the gentleness of mothers as they smooth away our fear and pain. , the difference between these two kisses is that one suggests coldness and disconnection while the other, passionate and loving showing great change in both Proctor and Elizabeth as they are now free of guilt of lechery and guilt of judgement. With a certain disappointment, he returns to the table. In a Puritan society ruled by theocracy such as Salem, the people lived in fear, fear of modernism, fear of repression and therefore a fear of change. Being afraid of the dark, he attempts to place "a glass jar in the reeling sun, in hope that the light will be captured as he places "this pulse of light beside his bed. In this poem, Harwood acknowledges the role of mothers in society and displays changes in self once an individual matures their understanding of life, hence becomes more appreciative. Despite this, John Proctor is one of the few who lives by conscience not ritual and it is this conscience which essentially allows Proctor to overcome his personal guilt of lechery, as a result changes himself. Now that Proctor understand more about himself, he has opened up not only himself but the barrier between him and his wife, Miller exposes this to the audience through his use of a dramatic representation as Proctor "lifted her, and kisses her with great passion contrasted to the kiss in act two when "He gets up, goes to her, kisses her. Here, Harwood not only ends the poem in "triumph but also adds a shared joke mocking the child as "night's gulfs and hungers, came to wink and laugh, suggesting that the light of day will always return after a dark night along with the child's foolishness. Here the composer has used parallel structure and cumulation of sentences beginning with "even if to emphasise the importance of opening one's self up to change as "at least there'll be a draught, suggesting metaphorically the occurrence of change as we will feel something eventually even if it is just a cool breeze.


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