Collective Bargaining and Negotiations: National Labor Relations Act

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Introduction Years ago, employers were able to treat employees in any manner that they saw fit and the employees had two choices; deal with it or quit their jobs. Stories abound of situations at the turn of the 20th century in which people worked inhumane numbers of hours, were not provided proper safety equipment to do the jobs, and other things that are almost unheard of in today’s labor market. In 1935 with the development of the National Labor Relations Act, things began to change and today, there are protections in place for workers across the globe(Labor Relations Collective bargaining and negotiations are two tools available to both sides of the coin when it comes to companies and their workers. With collective bargaining and negotiations agreements can be reached that are deemed acceptable to both sides and can prevent a work stoppage which can cost both sides valuable time and money(Labor Relations Collective Bargaining Collective bargaining is a term invented for the specific purpose of providing a tool for industrial relations with regard to the employee/employer relationship. Continue...

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These elements of good faith collective bargaining are designed to level the playing field between the workers being represented and the company they work for. Proposals which would violate the NLRA or other laws may not be subject to collective bargaining. In its most simple form collective bargaining can be described as negotiations that take place between a group of employees and their employer. If there is a particular area in which the two parties cannot come to an agreement and consider themselves deadlocked they agree to continue bargaining or negotiations with regard to all other issues on the table(good faith in collective bargaining http:www. The value of collective bargaining cannot be overstated as it provides not only protection for the worker but also helps to reduce work stoppage situations by providing the workers with a voice. Each side having something to offer the other side, the desire to reach an agreement that will be fair and equitable to all parties involved and the willingness to work toward that goal. "Employees are often represented in bargaining by a union or other labor organization. Collective Bargaining and Negotiations One of the things that a collective bargaining and negotiation exercise aims to accomplish is for both sides of the negotiations to move toward each other instead of pulling further apart in their disagreement(Collective Bargaining Negotiation www.


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