God's Covenant with the Israelites and Abraham

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In the most simplest of terms, a covenant is a binding agreement between two or more parties, but in the Old Testament, the term covenant is most closely allied with the prophet Abraham and his covenant with God (i.e., Jehovah). Generally speaking, the covenant of the Israelites included God’s blessings for honoring it and the consequences for ignoring it, and when the covenant was accepted by the Israelites, “God and Israel entered into a covenant relationship, a binding commitment to honor and fulfill their respective roles” as members of this special relationship with God (“Chapter 1,” 2008, Internet). According to Julia Mitchell Corbett, writing in Religion in America, this special relationship with God was to be embodied in everything the Israelites did or thought and is very closely linked to the Ten Commandments as found in the story of Moses and the exodus of Israelite slaves from the clutches of Rameses II of ancient Egypt. Some of these commandments, much like the conditions laid out in a covenant, “deal with people’s actions with respect to God,” such as having “no other gods” (monotheism), keeping the Sabbath day holy and not taking God’s name in vain.” Other conditions are related to how the Continue...

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This promise was certainly kept by God, for in today"tms modern world almost all Jews who practice Judaism have been commanded by God as a result of the Israelite covenant with Jehovah to present an attitude toward their fellow human beings which reflects God"tms own nature, for "under the terms of the covenant, Jews are responsible to and for one another. This incident reveals that Abraham"tms character was quite unique as compared to other Old Testament prophets, for he apparently had no qualms about killing his son Isaac even when he felt in his heart that it was wrong. Since he was always willing to obey whatever God commanded him to do, Abraham dutifully obeyed God"tms order to sacrifice his son Isaac, but when Abraham was about to kill his son, God stopped him. Not surprisingly, every major world religion, being Christianity, Judaism and Islam, have been highly influenced by the prophet Abraham and trace their origins back to the days of this great Father of Nations. Israelites behave toward one another, such as not murdering, stealing nor lying and "not wanting what is not one"tms own" (i. As previously mentioned, the covenant between the ancient Israelites and God is most closely associated with the prophet Abraham, known as the "Father of the Multitude" or the "Father of the Exalted," depending on which version of the Old Testament one might consult or read. But to Muslims, Abraham has been long considered as the precursor to Mohammed and is seen by many as Mohammed"tms earthly progenitor, meaning that Abraham was the father of all prophets and of Islam itself. Certainly, Abraham"tms relationship with God was very special and unique, due to allegedly being visited by angels. With Islam, Abraham is one of the great prophets, along with Moses, David and Mohammed, as well as John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. In addition, righteousness, love and tolerance must be the ever-binding rule, not only among Jews but also among all people of the earth. One"tms fellow human being is God"tms son or daughter and is therefore one"tms brother or sister" (Corbett, 1991, 99). In the land of Canaan, Abraham was highly respected as a prophet by the leaders of many important groups and quickly became a rather wealthy man.


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