The Birthmark: Analysis

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This short story illustrates the folly of following our whims and wills at the expense of everything else. Aylmer is obsessed with his wife's birthmark or "imperfection," and instead of accepting her for who and what she is, he continually obsesses about her being entirely "perfect" without the offending birthmark. Those who knew her loved her for who she was, and even celebrated her unique mark, all except her husband, who should be the one that loves her more than any other. It is a sad story because he carries his obsession to the extreme, and kills his wife, all in the name of perfection. Instead of trying to change her, he should have enjoyed her as she was, and accepted her birthmark as a unique and appealing part of the whole. I do not think that molding imperfections into something more ideal is a good idea. It might be good if there is a physical or mental limitation that can be overcome, and I think i Continue...

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However, I do not think that change into someone's idea of an "ideal" is a good thing. We should celebrate who we are and what makes us different and unique, rather than attempting to mold ourselves into something we are not, and were never supposed to be. I think that people should learn to celebrate their limitations and unique qualities, rather than changing them to mold themselves to something "acceptable" in society. t is good for people to change and try to reach their full potential. People should learn to love themselves as they are, rather than always wanting to change and become more "perfect. " No one is really perfect, anyway, and so, trying to reach perfection may be a never-ending journey for some people, and they will never be satisfied with the results. He should have changed his attitude, rather than attempting to change his wife, and that is the real moral of this disturbing story. He may have been a smart and successful scientist, but as a person, he had a lot missing, and he killed his wife because of his own imperfection. Changing negative traits or characteristics to become stronger and better is always a good thing, but change, especially physical change, which is more about vanity and appearance is not a good thing. Change is good, and change is important for mental and spiritual growth, but it must be for the right reasons. Changing her into something else was not the answer, and it is not the answer in modern society, either. Many people see themselves as imperfect, and change themselves physically with plastic surgery and other permanent solutions, and that is another example of how society guides what is "ideal" and what is not. She was already beautiful, and it was not her imperfection that needed attention, it was his own inability to deal with that imperfection.


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