Attitude - Behaviour Relations

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Attitude - Behaviour Relationship . Attitude does not directly predict behaviours. There has been lots of debate on the link between attitude and behaviour in in arena of consumer behaviour. Introduction With the purpose of solving problems it is frequently needed to forecast or predict people's behaviours. In 1862, psychologists introduced the theories that showed the relationship between attitudes and behaviours and these theories have been developed by a number of social psychologists through out the 19th century. One of theories suggest that “attitude could explain human actions” (Ajzen and Fishbein,1980,p. 13). This is the beginning point which made the social psychologists see attitudes as predictors of behaviours. Those ideas have been studied and ran on strong until the early 1960s (Kelli Mc Cormark Brow,1999,p.1) In 1969, Wicker has done the survey and literature review and he argues that attitudes are more likely to be unrelated or only slightly related to behaviours because the early theories present the relationship between attitudes and behaviours as a one-way association. But if attitudes themselves were affected or influenced by past behaviours, the connection must be more intricate. That mean e Continue...

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6 Reference Ajzen, Icek and Martin Fishbein (1980), "Understanding Attiudes and Prediction Social Behaviour , Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall Kelli Mc Cormark Brow ( 1999 ), The Theory Of Reason Action The Theory Of Planned Behaviour. So this mean that the Theory of Planned Behaviour can predict behavioural intention and behaviour in just some aspects, even if we include subjective norm and behavioural control. The Theory Of Planned Behaviour says that we can predict behavioural intention more accurately if we took those three factors in to the account 1. The theory claims that the attitude could change by a number of things , persuasion is one of the most considerable elements. The Theory Of Planned Behaviour can be used to predict behaviour even when the person doesn't have full volitional control. The subjective norm is the person's perception of the others in the society and what they will think about their behaviour. So as a result of Wicker's argument there are others factors that have to be considered to predict behaviours more accurately. 3 Ajzen and Fishbein also recognized that the theory needed further development so they added a new factor into the original theory which is Perceived Behavioural Control in order to overcome these limitations. These new is known as the Theory Of Planned Behaviour. The Elaboration Likelihood Model presents two ways of persuasion, the first is the central route and the peripheral route. They believe that attitudes are very significant because attitudes guide decision and behaviours so they paid more attention to how attitudes could change. Clearly, attitudes is one of the major element which could influence behaviours and it definitely has a link to behaviour in one way or other.


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