Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making

             There are many issues that are often seen in an organization. One of these is the dichotomy between conflict and decision making (Robbins, 2008). How these are addressed, both by themselves and together, and how they are understood by the people in that organization can have much to do with how the organization progresses and whether the people in it get along and understand one another (Robbins, 2008). Conflict does not always come from bad decisions (Bhatnagar, 1988; Bem, 1977). It can come from disagreements over decisions that turn out to be good, and it can also come from failure to make decisions in a timely manner, or at all. Wherever it comes from, conflict is often tied to the decision making process, and it is an important and necessary part of running a business.
             Without it, businesses would not always get the extra incentive they need to move down another path or begin to take the company in a new direction. Organizations that are working toward goals and growth often encourage conflict so that decisions can be made (Bensimon, 1997; Bartz, Blume, & Rose, 1996). This does not mean that those who work for these organizations are encouraged to fight. Rather, it means that some dissent among the ranks and disagreement about company ideas and goals is to be expected and should be encouraged, provided that it is fostered in the proper way and does not lead to fights and problems too great for the business to handle. There is no desire to lose the company's main vision among the arguments of those that are working to make it better.
             Conflict is common within many organizations, and the larger they are the more potential they have for conflict (Eichinger, Heifetz, & Ingraham, 1991). This is largely due to the greater number of conflicting viewpoints. People all have different ideas of how things should be done, and when those ideas clash on a particular project, conflict is born (Cox, Stabb, & Hulges, 2000). This do...

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