Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making

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There are many issues that are often seen in an organization. One of these is the dichotomy between conflict and decision making (Robbins, 2008). How these are addressed, both by themselves and together, and how they are understood by the people in that organization can have much to do with how the organization progresses and whether the people in it get along and understand one another (Robbins, 2008). Conflict does not always come from bad decisions (Bhatnagar, 1988; Bem, 1977). It can come from disagreements over decisions that turn out to be good, and it can also come from failure to make decisions in a timely manner, or at all. Wherever it comes from, conflict is often tied to the decision making process, and it is an important and necessary part of running a business. Without it, businesses would not always get the extra incentive they need to move down another path or begin to take the company in a new direction. Organizations that are working toward goals and growth often encourage conflict so that decisions can be made (Bensimon, 1997; Bartz, Blume, & Rose, 1996). This does not mean that those who work for these organizations are encouraged to fight. Rather, it means that some dissent among the ranks and disagreem Continue...

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It was not long ago that organizational decision making groups could be expected to be comprised almost exclusively of white males, since this was the majority of the white-collar work force. There is no desire to lose the company's main vision among the arguments of those that are working to make it better. A manager or a group cannot make a sensible decision for a company by judging only on what the company is doing, or only on what the competitors are doing. Sometimes, this conflict cannot be avoided, but it can work to an organization's advantage in certain circumstances, and is often desired as a basis for making decisions. It may be because of their race or background, but it could also be because of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or hundreds of other things. Not all members of a diverse group will agree on a task because it will seem to some that there is either a better way to go about it, or it does not need to be done at all. Differing backgrounds make for differing opinions (Pelled, et. There is a great deal of research that goes into the decision-making process, whether the decision is made by a single person or by a dynamic group of individuals (Bronfenbrenner, 1958; Katzell, Barrett, Parker, 1961; Grant Sleeter, 1986; Latack Havlovic, 1992). Both internal and external information must be tracked in order to make good decisions. Diversity effects conflict in two ways (Crompton Mann, 1986; Evans Berman, 1990). Conflict can be very important, because it helps to define the kinds of problems that outsiders might have with a particular decision that the company or organization might make. It is better to spot a problem within the organization than for the employees to keep silent and let the problem make its way out to where the public would be the first ones to notice it.


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