Getting to Know our Community Helpers: Teaching Pre-K Students about Community Helpers

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Growth Characteristics of the Child By the time a child is eligible for pre-kindergarten, or is at least 4 years old, he is expected to have undergone many physical changes and is already capable of executing several things that are integral to cognitive, social, and emotional development. Once a child has reached 2 years old, the rapid growth his brain and body undergoes begins to slow down, and he becomes increasingly difficult to feed. He is expected to have quadrupled his birthweight by the time he is nearly 3 years old. At 4 years old, he should weigh at least 40 lbs and is at least 40 inches tall (Kliegman, Behrman, Jenson, and Stanton, 2007). A child may gain weight and may be at risk for obesity. At this age, they are physically active, and hours needed for sleep decreases to 11-13 hours everyday. In terms of their gross and fine motor skills, most children already walk and run steadily by 3 years old. They can also throw, catch, and kick balls with much precision; they are able to ride bicycles and climb on monkey bars without difficulty; they can dance with muscle and music coordination. At 3 to 4 years old, a child should be able to hit a stationary ball with the bat. At ages 4 to 5 years old, he can already climb Continue...

Parents and teachers can encourage energetic children to engage in physical activity, while cerebral children may prefer to play quietly with adults or on their own. the stairs one step at a time without an adult's assistance, and his speed picks up as he ages. There are several traits that farmers must have to do their jobs properly. 4)Cultivate appreciation to the people in the community, especially career people who exist in the community but are often taken for granted. Some of the books that may be used for this story-telling experience are Maria Kalman Putnam's book, "Fireboat: The Heroic Adventues of the John J. Although they are able to combine sentences and can already engage in story-telling, they are not able to use understand figurative speech; they can only understand literal meaning of words. 6)Encourage pre-K students to express their thoughts and ask questions to adults, especially to the police officer, postal worker, farmer, and firefighter during the field trip, career talks, and throughout the course of the activity. Set up a store with mail stamps, envelopes, scales, mails sacks, and signs of a "Post Office and encourage students to play pretend. A college degree in agriculture or business helps in becoming a successful farmer. Vocabulary expands from 100 words to more than 2,000, and they are able to combine these words into more complex sentences. A walk around the campus and pointing out to different people who are actively on the job will help the pre-K students understand what community helpers are, and how important they are in making the community work. Children may also demonstrate strong emotions such as strong attachment, possessiveness, jealousy and resentment toward their parents, and fear of abandonment or rejection. They must also have a good business sense, good health, and energy to carry out their daily activities. Often, only celebrities, politicians, and rich business moguls are being placed in the limelight. At 4 years old, he may demonstrate a sense of in his accomplishments.