Gang Violence in America

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Gang violence presents one of the most significant crime problems in the United States. It is however hardly a recent problem. Indeed, according to Johnson & Muhlhausen (2005), the phenomenon has been a part of American urban life since as early as the American Revolution. Gang violence can range from crimes as petty as thieving and robbery to more major criminal activities such as drug and arms trafficking, as well as alien smuggling, armed robbery and murder. Indeed, so serious is the problem in some states that authors such as Johnson & Muhlhausen warn of threats to public security. There are various reasons for the establishment and thriving of gangs, and concomitantly a variety of solutions are offered to curb the problem. Globalization is noted as one of the culprits in the success of gang activity in the United States (Johnson & Muhlhausen, 2005). Indeed, the authors note that groups established in Los Angeles some 20-40 years ago now thrive as a result of their links to Mexico and Central America. Some of these groups are as large as 130,000 to 300,000 members. The problem is also increasingly arising in small towns throughout the United States, according to the authors. Today’s online information systems mak Continue...

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This can be done through establishing wholesome activities as an alternative for the peer acceptance provided by gangs. For the youthful mind, this is a very strong motivation indeed. Belonging and commitment are also family-established values, of which the lack can cause the drive towards gang activity. By providing wholesome and fulfilling activities in which competition and self-fulfillment are the targets, these agencies can deny the time, space and motivation at the root of gang activities. Whatever the reasons for establishing or joining gangs and engaging in related violence, authors tend to agree that the problem is widespread not only in the United States, but throughout the world. It is also however true that the problem also exists among a great number of the adult population in the country. These can all be established by means of targeted school- and family-based programs. Families and schools can then work together to help students build healthy peer relationships that are built on mutual friendship rather than fear, delinquency and crime. Indeed, it forms the basis of a great variety of both serious and petty crimes. Time and space for gang-related activities limited by offering alternative school and youth programs, is another suggestion. They have not yet formed a solid moral basis. The protective factors against gang involvement, such as those suggested by the Focus Adolescent Services (2008) Web site, can also serve as a guideline for establishing activities to discourage gang involvement. Domestic anti-gang policies are for example suggested, along with migration reforms. In this way, young people learn to establish themselves within their communities in a wholesome and self-fulfilling way. The problem is not so much this presentation as it is the stage at which young people are exposed to this material.

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