Phone comparison and contrast

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Phones Although some people may find that a cell phone is similar to a regular phone; there are also some starling differences. Cell phone and a regular phone are alike in several ways. Both cell phone and a regular phone can neither send nor receive calls. In the same way, these two devices are use for communicating around the world. In addition, they are capable on making an international call. In 1947, cell phone was not known as “cell phone” but mobile. Similarly, the shape of these Continue...

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These devices are very useful everyday for communication. I have seen both similarities and differences between these two devices. Some regular phones are wireless but its signal also has limits depending on its Hertz. In contrast, a cell phone can go further than a regular phone and still does not loose signal. A cell phone has more features than a regular phone. For example, a cell phone can do the following depending on its model:send multimedia messages, surf the internet, play games, take pictures, and many more whereas a regular do not. " Although using these devices cost a lot of money, many people still use it because it"tms very important. I have observed that a cell phone and a regular phone are very different in several ways. People may never see the differences of something if he or she never studies it. A cell phone is wirelessly connected through its server but a regular phone requires a LAN (Local Area Network) line for it to be enabled. Some people may find that these two devices are similar; however, there are also several differences. These two devices has a similar name "phone" on its end which means "instrument that converts sound into signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sound. Conversely, a cell phone is much smaller in size than a regular phone.


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