Conduct Disorder: Literature Review

             The literature on this topic covers a wide range of issues and areas of concerns. The research covers a broad range of variables; which includes etiology and symptoms, as well as social, psychological and environmental issues that impact on the study of this disorder.
             Conduct disorder is essentially a psychiatric disorder which is usually defined as a repetitive behavior pattern or mode of behavior that violates social norms and the rights of others. This disorder is also often seen as a serious health issue in the literature, as it can lead to incarceration and has also been linked to antisocial personality disorder.
             The definition and the categorization of conduct disorder are dealt with in numerous medical and psychological studies. A study that covers this aspect in detail is Childhood and Adolescent Onset Conduct Disorder: A Test of the Developmental Taxonomy by Mccabe et al. ( 2001). Mccabe et al. cite the DSM-IV ( American Psychiatric Association. 1994), which refers to the two subtypes of conduct disorder based on age of onset. This study finds that, �The relationship between age of onset and chronic offending has led some to theorize that conduct disorder that begins in early childhood may be qualitatively distinct from conduct disorder that emerges during adolescence� (p. 305). This suggests the complexity of a clear definition and understanding of this disorder and the relevance of the different social as well as the psychological variables involved. This study also makes the important point that, �The identification of subtypes of conduct disorder has been recognized as an important goal that may shed light on etiological processes and assist interventionists in tailoring their treatments to specific populations� (Mccabe et al. 2001, p.305)
             The symptoms of this disorder are explored in a comprehensive article entitled Adolescents with Conduct Disorder Can Be Mindful of Their Aggressive Be...

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