Why Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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Despite decades of the consumer warnings of unpleasant and early deaths, cigarettes have not been banned and made illegal. The cigarette industry has had numerous claims filed against it over health issues, the prices of the products,the ingredients used, and where the cigarettes are produced. The 1982 Surgeon General's Report stated, "Cigarette smoking is the major single cause of cancer mortality in the United States” (American Cancer Society). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, 46.2 million US adults were current smokers in 2001 (American Cancer Society), after the better part of a century spent exposed to cigarette warnings and anti-smoking campaigns. In the state of New Jersey, it is illegal for anyone under 19 to buy tobacco products. Smoking in public, however, is not a crime, no matter how young the lighted-cigarette holder, as long as it does not take place in areas off-limits to smoking like restaurants, bars, and certain buildings (La Gorce). By establishing these off-limit areas, the state hopes to cut down the amount of smokers within workplaces and in other public places. By doing this, New Jersey is doing their best to cut down on smoking, and they also did so by increasing the Continue...

Bans on smoking in public and in workplaces can sharply reduce the number of heart attacks among both smokers and nonsmokers, according to a report issued by the Institute of Medicine. Many illegal pesticides are very toxic, and others contain unknown ingredients, or the ingredients may vary from time to time. Some say that there is nothing more that can scare consumers because most of them know that it leads to death. If only all colleges and other institutions could make a unique rule like Kalamazoo did, the state of health of U. Even so, that does not mean cigarettes will not be sold to consumers. Extensive information on sociodemographic factors, parental and family conditions, parental practices, educational career, conduct problems, alcohol problems and use of illegal substances was also collected (Pederson). Like the tobacco companies, some companies have false products and have distributors on the street scamming customers into buying illegal products like the pesticides. In areas where illegal products are a critical problem,the EPA has increased enforcement actions against companies selling or distributing illegal household pesticides. EPA has also increased efforts to raise public awareness of these product dangers by announcing and warning society through television and advertisements. The overall decision to ban cigarettes has not changed, and consumers still to this day purchase the death sticks because of addiction, and this addiction, of course, makes big money for the companies. If the shopkeeper gives you a product that is packed or wrapped suspiciously, either ask questions or do not buy it (EPA). Illegal pesticides are often much more toxic than registered pesticides (EPA). But most such products are illegal, and illegal pesticides can hurt much more than roaches; they can harm you and your family. You have no way of knowing how dangerous an unregistered pesticide is, because it is not subject to testing requirements or manufacturing controls that registration provides (Richard).