Causes of Friction in Multicultural Relationships

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It’s normal for couples to have arguments for various reasons from time to time in their relationships. However some things can be bigger sources of problems than others. All relationships are different; however these causes can build friction between even the most committed people. . Many things can cause this friction in a multicultural relationship such as, different cultures, religious beliefs, and difference in age. The different cultures in a relationship can cause many problems between two people. For example, some cultures require the acceptance of family for marriage or have restriction on having children. As people work on challenging this kind of problems in a relationship, they will have to support each other to stay with an effort, even when it feels discouraging. People will have to resist the efforts of those who use divide-and-conquer techniques—putting one cultural group against another. For example, in a Continue...

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Even if the people do not know who their ancestors are or what their heritage is, they could have multiple backgrounds and affect their relationship. Each one of us can build relationships and friendships around ourselves that provide us with the necessary strength to learn about other people's cultures. Sometimes age differences can cause a problem in a relationship, depending on the number of years of difference. The Christian celebrates birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. The Muslims pray five times a day, and the biggest celebration of the year is the Eid Al Fitr. Culture, religion, and age differences all cause major friction within relationships. n Indian culture it is normal to live with and take care of parents after marriage, whereas in American culture the couple usually lives independently without parents in the same house. Sometimes in a relationship, one person has a different religion than the other, or other times one person from both sides of the family has a different religion from everyone else. As well to prevent the issues talked about earlier, and even a possible breakup. The celebration of holidays can be a problem in a relationship, for instance, a Christian and muslin celebrate holiday's different days of the year. Identifying these differences before any friction occurs, can help couples to understand them and work together to reduce the amount of friction from the start. A big age difference can cause issues because the two people might not be able to relate to each other very well. There are many couples who get married who have an age difference of up to twenty years. For example, Christians go to church on Saturdays, whereas Muslims go to the mosque on Fridays.