Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield

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In “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield is a short story about a lonely lady. On this lovely brisk day Miss Brill has chosen her fur wrap to accompany her on the outing to the park. Miss Brill is going on her way to listen to the local band. She is excited about venturing out with her somewhat tattered fur pelt. She has made it a habit of sorts, therefore a ritual, going to the local park to enjoy her lovely Sunday afternoon. Miss Brill is attached to the old, worn and ragged fur. When she took the fur from its confinement, she could tell it was old and in need of tender care. She realizes she has neglected it for some time now. She strokes the “dear little thing”, and it looks up at her as if to say “What has been happening to me?” She has not realized though that it is not the fur talking, but Continue...

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She wants to be a part of the community, therefore to have purpose, friendships and interactions. She is hiding from the truth of growing old and alone. Miss Brill has been living in a fantasy world for some time, she is in search of companionship and a sense of belonging. She just passes on by with her head held down. For two young people have arrived as if to be characters in her play, but her curtain comes down by the rude and ugly comments made about her and the fur. Her fantasy world comes to a crashing halt. She gathers herself and makes her way home. When in reality the fur is an old, dead and withered carcass. She would normally stop by the local bakery for a treat, but not today. Miss Brill eavesdrops on their conversations about the band such as imagining how grand the band is and she wonders into a fictional world. When she arrives home, she takes the little rogue fur and puts him away for another day, but there for a moment, she thought, she heard crying, for today, Miss Brill gave her greatest performance. A world she describes as a play, which she is an actress. She lives her life through other people and their lives. She is confused and sadden at how the young people could be so mean.