Evaluating the Mission and Vision of Starbucks Coffee Company

             More so than ever in an age of rapidly evolving technologies and global expansion, sustainable competitive advantage depends foremost on a clear sense of organizational purpose (mission) and a compelling vision for success (Campbell & Alexander, 1997). Together, these two key elements define the guiding framework for the insightful creation of value (Campbell & Alexander, 1997) that differentiates an organization from its competitors (Porter, 1996). Thus, knowledge of the critical elements that comprise meaningful mission and vision statements (Aguinis, 2009) becomes essential for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. As testimony, this paper assesses the strategic guidance provided by the mission and vision statements of the Starbucks Coffee Company. More specifically, the discussion defines the characteristics found in good mission and vision statements, describes the salient characteristics of the Starbucks mission and vision, and concludes with a summary assessment of their relative effectiveness as a guiding framework for strategic decision making in developing and implementing a competitive strategy that links organizational priorities with performance.
             Characteristics of an Ideal Mission Statement
             In its broadest sense, a mission statement defines the economic and social roles of an organization and the contributions intended by its existence (Campbell & Alexander, 1997). Most important for purposes of strategic decision making, a good mission statement provides “long-term directional stability without pushing the organization into an unrealistic box” (Campbell & Alexander, 1997, p. 8). In essence, a mission statement defines the confluence of organizational core competencies with the needs of its stakeholders (Bart & Hupfer, 2004). According to Aguinis (2009), a good mission statement provides information that defines an organization’s purpose, the boundaries of its strategic and operating environments, the c...

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