Characteristics of an Educated Person

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When envisioning an educated person, many characteristics come to mind. I think back to my childhood days and think about the different incidents when I encountered an individual doing things that made me feel they were educated. When I was 15 years old, my high school math teacher always seemed to be able to answer any question my friends and I threw at him. He was sharp. He seemed to always know the right answer. It was as if he had a magical calculator in his mind that was always on overdrive and it could calculate things almost before you finished asking your question! He was amazing. He also always had a clever response that stumped us just when we thought we had him cornered. No matter what we came up with and conjured up in our minds to stump our math teacher, he would always out-smart us and prove to us yet again that he was super educated. To me he was the epitome of an educated person. But what was it about my math teacher that made him seem so educated to me? Sometimes when people always seem to have the answer to every question you ask them, they can just appear to be cocky and arrogant. Also, when some people always seem to have a clever come back, they can come across as mean or inconsiderate. So with this thought in Continue...

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Of all the other characteristics, this characteristic is the one that enables an educated person to learn, comprehend, and carry on all the other characteristics mentioned before. An educated person must be powerful and strong; Powerful in their choice of words and strong in their belief in themselves with extremely high self-confidence. He was able to generate happiness and laughter for myself and my friends by gracing us with his knowledge. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. These people are more educated because of their friendly disposition. The most important characteristic from my point of view is the intelligence that the individual possesses. The educated person has to be able to function in a world where there are many judgmental individuals and many blockades placed in society to hinder people's progression. , 2012 also believed that an educated person knows where and how to focus their attention. mind, why didn't my high school math teacher seem cocky and arrogant Why didn't he seem mean or inconsiderate I know I must dig deeper into what the characteristics of an educated person are and explore those characteristics that make the individual seem educated and not offensive are. Educated people have many layers and many different characteristics. Even though many were against him,(his fellow civil rights activist companion Malcolm X even had a very different view than himself), Dr.


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