Behavioral Aspects of People

             Have you ever wondered why you do something in a particular way? Or even why your family members act a certain way different from you? For years, it has been an age-old question. There are many reasons for this occurrence. Generally, they are because of physical appearance, emotional aspects, and society.
             Everyday, people judge each other on physical appearance. The way a person looks can determine an individual’s behavior. Positive behavior towards physical appearance would be making new relationships, talking to people of different backgrounds, and helping someone in need. Negative behavior would be abusing somebody, whether it is verbally or physically, ending up in jail because of something you did, or making someone feel threatened just because you feel that they don’t meet your standards of beauty.
             Emotional aspects also contribute to people’s behavior. For example, if an individual feels angry about something, he or she might let it out on somebody who didn’t deserve it. On the other hand, if an individual portrays a positive behavior towards a person, it might help them in the long road. For example, my friend, Erica, was going to a job interview. Just before she walks into the building, somebody walks by looking depressed and down. She tries to lighten up their spirits with a joke and it worked. She enters the building and goes for her interview. Just as she enters the door, she sees the person she just joked with earlier. It is her interviewer and she gets the job because of what she did.
             Society is the hardest thing to face in any aspect of life. When society has been mixed with media, religion, and politics, people can behave in many different ways. Society can cause people to argue, fight, cheat, steal or kill for what society has said is right. On the other hand, society can make people more confident about themselves and others, open people to new ideas and express themselves in positive ways they never ...

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