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Analysis of the Enterprise Level Business System A business system should perform all the necessary functions that a business needs. To make sure that the business receives the proper system an analyst gathers all the needed information on what is currently in place and what is needed. This phase of the enterprise level business system development life cycle is the analysis phase. Functional user requirements are formally defined and delineated in the analysis phase. All requirements are defined to a level of detail sufficient for systems design to proceed. All requirements need to be measurable and testable and relate to the business need or opportunity identified in the Initiation Phase (Department of Justice Web Site). If information is not gathered on what the customer has and wants the system may not deliver all that is needed. There are different ways for an analyst to gather the information needed in installing a new business system. Interviews, observations, and review of documentation are just some. This information is then put into forms that can be easily seen which are either diagrammatic or textual. These tools in turn help the analyst see what is right and wrong with the analysis of the company’s business process Continue...

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A Diagrammatic uses software or flow charts to draw out how a company's business processes are performed. The questionnaire method is used to gather information from a list of questions presented to the users' which they fill out and return to the analyst. IDEF0 diagrams show the controls that are used in a business process. Building a prototype can help to uncover more user needs when used (Safari On-Line resources). Retrieved form the World Wide Web at http:safari. Knowing if the tools used by the analyst have performed there function is left to the user approving whether or not this is what they wanted. The activity flow shows what actions are taken in business processes. The purpose of the Information Gathering phase is to provide the raw material for the subsequent modeling of system architectures and data flows. Business process mapping tools are used to show business processes. Gathering this information may come from a variety of different such as interviews, document review, observations, and questionnaires. These formats show what the flow is based upon. The interview can consist of questions asked or for feedback and thoughts on how the system should be. Retrieved May 17, 2004 From the World Wide Web: http:www .


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