Hitler's Rise To Power

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Introduction President Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933, having successfully campaigned to make the Nazis the most popular party. He had been legally elected and chosen to form a government. Why was he able to capture the hearts and minds of the German people in his rise to power? In this essay, I will explore whether Hitler’s image accounted for his appointment to the top job or whether there were other reasons. Hitler used his image to look powerful. He had a loud, harsh, monotonous, dulcet voice. When the people of Germany heard this voice they felt commanded, as if he was someone who was angry about the state of their country but could do something about it. His voice made him sound like someone who had a great deal of power. Not only did his voice help him appear powerful, but even his clothes, haircut, facial expressions, logos, and mannerisms played a part, too. He wore very military clothes, like a uniform, nothing rich, no bright colours. I think that made him very appealing to the lower classes, for it was as if he was one of them, as if he did not come from a very upper class background. It made him seem more worthy to be a leader if he had experienced the poverty that most Continue...

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He promised honour, glory" everything that the previous government had failed to deliver, and the German people were tired of Democracy and wanted a change. It helped to spread awareness of the Nazis, and when wearing an armband with the logo on it, people felt united, like a special club. In 1929, Germany was driven into a huge economic depression, with millions losing their jobs. As the depression worsened, Hitler"tms support increased, and in 1932 the Nazis had become the most popular party. He used fierce facial expressions, which gave people hope that he could be the saviour and leader that Germany had been longing for. Von Papen wanted power and influence, so agreed to help Hitler into power as long as he could be his deputy. I do realize that image and media play an important part in the way people feel or think about certain things or people, but I do not think that the majority of Germany would vote for this man just because they felt commanded by him, or empowered. In 1933, President Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as Chancellor, even though he strongly disagreed with the Nazis rule. The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to give up much land and money to pay for damage caused by the war. Hitler"tms image made people support him because they were longing for someone powerful to come along and rule them. I think that, although it may be hard for us nowadays to believe, his beliefs and messages were key to his successes. His haircut also followed through with the idea that he had a poor and military background. The symbol itself actually derives from Paganism, but, when interpreted from its peaceful meaning by the Nazis, Pagans shortly abandoned it. Shortly after his appointment, Hitler sacked Von Papen as his deputy.


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