It can be said that , from the outset, the link between European colonialism in the middle east and the Palestine question, is as strong as the link which exists between the Holy Quran and Muslims, and Jews and the Torah. The reason this statement is accurate is, because the British occupation of Palestine, from 1917 to 1947, was a direct cause of the Palestine question. To understand this point, it is necessary to examine the period in which the British were granted administrative power of Palestine by the League of Nations ,from 1917 to 1948, under the so called Mandate system. The purpose of the mandate was to make the mandated nation capable of self rule by its inhabitants, which in the case of Palestine, was Arab-Palestinians by majority. Instead the British administration in Palestine took Britain’s self interests into hand and tried to create a national Jewish homeland by Implementing earlier agreements made with Zionist nations, such as the Balfour agreement, Into the mandate which gave them the right to colonize Palestine. This deprived the Palestinians of self-determination and instead made them Another British colony, which led to a Arab revolt. These factors, which must be further looked into to understand there significance to the topic, all contributed to the issue of the Palestinian question , which was placed before the newly formed United nations in April ,1947.
             To understand the question of Palestine and the conflict which happened because of it
             Between the Arabs and Jews , we must look to the past of these two groups, for there claims
             over Palestine have existed since biblical time, and also there religious claims, which adds
             another Dimension to the conflict. Islam and Judaism have similarities between the two.
             They both claim from lineage Abraham, the Arab-Muslims from Ishmael, Abraham first son with
             his handmaiden Hagar. While the Jews, from Isaac, Abraham’s and his wife Sarah’s first so...

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