The Leopard

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Lampedusa views 19th Century Sicilian society as flawed and hypocritical, where religion, marriage and politics have all become empty vessels, used as a form of power and as a means of gaining wealth and social status. 19th century was a time of major changes and a critical moment in the history of Italy. It was the time of the Risorgimento, the campaign for the unification of Italy and it was a long and complicated process. Lampedusa’s “The Leopard” gives a spacious perspective into this revolution, but this however shadows the state of marriage, religion and politics within the Sicilian society. Lampedusa exposes these flaws in the society using irony and satirical humor. He states that these have all become empty vessels, an excess baggage, used as a form of power and as a means of gaining wealth and social status. Marriage became an outlet for sensuality and was used to acquire wealth and status. Religion was only paid lip service and was followed by many for acceptance within the society. While politics became a weapon for manipulation and a source of power and influence. “In Trancredi she saw her chance of gaining a fine position in the noble world of Sicily”. Lampedusa uses the marriage between the Prince Continue...

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Lampedusa uses satirical humor to mock both Don Calorgero and the Prince by comparing them to ants "nothing could stop the ants"along they rushed in close order, morale high at the chance of annexing this bit of garbage". In "The Leopard" he illustrates this emptiness by showing the state of marriage, religion and politics within the Sicilian society. The Prince"tms class is degenerating while Don Calorgero"tms is rising but requires an introduction into Noble class. As Angelica wants Trancredi to be a "lively partner in bed", she also claims that this is her chance to gain a "fine position in the noble world of Sicily". This further expands on the ignorance of the society and that they viewed marriage as an exit for their sensual desires. Lampedusa exposes these flaws using irony and satirical humor to mock the characters in "The Leopard" and further confirm the emptiness within the society. This marriage in return gives both Trancredi and the Prince a place in the rising middle class while Don Calorgero acquires power within the noble class. Lampedusa viewed 19th century Sicilian Society as being empty, hypocritical and flawed. Here Lampedusa laughs at the Prince and states that the he uses religion as a form of protection but views it as an unnecessary baggage. He uses these characters to also show that like "The Paul Neyron roses" marriage degenerates over time and is replaced easily by new ones. Lampedusa uses ironic humor "Love, of course love"he knew what love was" to show that a man who cheats on his wife claims to know what love is. "he will go far; and your Angelica, Don Calorgero, will be lucky to mount the ladder with him"Politics in "The Leopard" was used as a source of power and influence within the society. "I"tmm a sinner I know"There"tms no doubt of that and tomorrow I"tmll go and confess to Father Pirone"In "The Leopard" religion is seen as a daily excess baggage which is only paid lip service for acceptance within the society. The Prince"tms pagan lifestyle and beliefs clash with the Christian views and values, but since the church was a major influence during those times, he was required to follow the religion if he was to be respected and accepted by the society.


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