Harley-Davidson Case Study

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Case Study and Analysis Harley-Davidson, Inc. An Overview of Harley-Davidson, Inc. In 1903 William S. Harley and the Davidson brothers – Walter and Arthur – handcrafted their first three motorcycles in Milwaukee, Wis. William A. Davidson later joined the enterprise. In 1909 Harley-Davidson® introduced the first V-Twin engine. As America was drawn into World War 1 in 1917-1918 Harley-Davidson began production of 20,000 military motorcycles to serve the U.S. Allied forces. By the 1930s Harley-Davidson and Indian were the sole U.S. motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. Between 1941-45 nearly all of Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing output supported the World War II effort of the U.S. and its Allies, with more than 90,000 motorcycles used by the Allied forces. To meet the exploding, postwar demand for motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, in 1947, acquired a second manufacturing plant – the Capitol Drive facility in Wauwatosa, Wis., and in 1957 The lightweight and sporty XL Sportster® model was introduced. Privately-held family ownership ended in 1965 with the first public stock offering, and in 1969 Harley-Davidson merged with American Machine and Foundry (AMF). 14,000 motorcycles wer Continue...

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    harley davidson case study
    harley davidson case study. OVERVIEW/PROBLEM STATEMENT The following are the problems of Harley Davidson 1. Declining market 2. Poor .... (2390 10 )

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AMF Acquisition of Harley-Davidson
The AMF/Harley-Davidson separation defies such trends. The findings of the study will be reported in Chapter 4 in a case study format. (9560 38 )

HARLEY-DAVIDSON The decisions for marketing stra
Harley-Davidson was taken over by the American Machine and Foundry (AMF) in 1969. According to the case study, one executive stated "about 40% of the youth (1884 8 )

Effects of Cultural Variations on Customer Acquisitions
Harley-Davidson offers another example of a company putting a strong, masculine image on Approach Case study research, as provided for in Section 2.8.1, Kennedy (9372 37 )

of product; this is the case with hospitality also suggests areas for additional study, including how some products, such as Harley-Davidson motorcycles, have (7749 31 )

Management & Strategies & Barriers
Nonetheless, this study provides valuable information about examples of corporate turnarounds (such as Harley-Davidson). Consider, again, the case of Boddington (9520 38 )