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Corporate social reponsibility

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Because of their scale and visibility, large organizations are all ways in the eye of the media, whether it be in the newspapers or even on T.V, which takes an interest in the way that organizations do business and the broad social outcomes of their activities. This is true of both government departments and private-sector organizations. Modern management of the large organization is keen to show itself to be socially responsible. In many cases, positive outcomes for society at large are included in an organisation’s objectives. For example, Coles Myer has a Code of Conduct and a corporate social responsibility policy. The company is a signatory to the National Retailers/TCFUA Ethical Clothing Code of Practice which aims to protect Australian clothing outworkers from exploitation. The company has also stated in the past that it will not buy carpets and rugs from manufacturers who use child labor. However, given the significant proportion of clothing and other goods the company sources from countries such as China, it would be reasonable to expect the company to have gone further in ensuring that all the offshore workers producing its goods are not subject to human rights abuses. Coles Myer also states its commitment to being a good corporate citizen and has a range of social investment programs in place to contribute to community development. The company donates or raises funds to support organisations across a range of areas including medical research, community welfare and health and children's causes. The company states that it has policies in place to remove barriers to access to its goods for a range of disadvantaged groups, and that it conducts communication forums for staff, suppliers, contractors and shareholders to ensure it is compliant with its responsibilities to these stakeholders. K-Mart is another good example of a large organisation that expresses great social responsibility. Km...

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