Corporate social reponsibility

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Because of their scale and visibility, large organizations are all ways in the eye of the media, whether it be in the newspapers or even on T.V, which takes an interest in the way that organizations do business and the broad social outcomes of their activities. This is true of both government departments and private-sector organizations. Modern management of the large organization is keen to show itself to be socially responsible. In many cases, positive outcomes for society at large are included in an organisation’s objectives. For example, Coles Myer has a Code of Conduct and a corporate social responsibility policy. The company is a signatory to the National Retailers/TCFUA Ethical Clothing Code of Practice which aims to protect Australian clothing outworkers from exploitation. The company has also stated in the past that it will not buy carpets and rugs from manufacturers who use child labor. However, given the significant proportion of clothing and other goods the company sources from countries such as China, it would be reasonable to expect the company to have gone further in ensuring that all the offshore workers producing its goods are not subject to human rights abuses. Coles Myer Continue...

In addition, they have enhanced our Ethical Trading Code of Conduct that was initiated under Kingfisher which establishes minimum compliance thresholds for critical failure points which must be satisfied by every supplier. It enables them to build better relationships with suppliers and customers and can encourage positive associations towards the products and services that they offer. Their charitable and community outreach efforts focus on helping children and families. In closing I must say that although the examples above provide great examples of large organizations you don't need to look any further than your local community. K-Mart is another good example of a large organisation that expresses great social responsibility. These vary from energy efficiency, dealing responsibly with packaging and other waste products to maximising efficiency in its transport fleet. The Group is committed to ensuring that green issues are an important consideration by identifying the key environmental impacts of the operational elements of each of its businesses and products. As an active member of 'Business in the Community' and latterly the Corporate Responsibility Group, it is their intention to build on the good work already in place to ensure that they meet the high standards and expectations of all of their stakeholders. The company donates or raises funds to support organisations across a range of areas including medical research, community welfare and health and children's causes. With an annual payroll of more than 3. Whilst it is a newly formed business, the companies that make up the Group have always focused on making a difference to the local communities that they serve through direct financial support, goods in kind, or providing dedicated human resources. In 2001 Woolworths was awarded the 'Business in the Community' Big Tick in recognition of the excellence of its corporate social responsibility programme with Woolworths Kids First.