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American History X Task 1: Witness Statmment: Yestarday, in the night, I was trying to sleep, when I heard sounds coming from the garage, where the car was. Fastly I aproched the window, and I looked outside, and I realized that there were two black men trying to steal the car, the car of my own father!. So I went to Derek’s room and I told to him that there were to coloured men in aur house. When I told Derek, he grabbed his gun, and told me to stay in th house. But I went down, and I saw the whole incident. First Derek aproched the door of the house , and he saw one of the thiefs, immediately he opened the door and fired his gun many times at the first man that he saw. Then Derek realized that the other one was in tha car, and he was turning it on. The thief started the car, and tried to run away, but Derek fired his gun again several times, and probably he did some damage to the thief that was on the car, or maybe he is just death by now. After all this midnight inccident , the cops arrived immediately, and arrested Derek by the charges of murder, but for this Im here right now, to tell that all that happened last night was in self defense, and to prove that my brother is not a murder Task 2: Derek’s first letter Dear Daniel, Im writing this letter to tell you some things, that may have you a little worried, about all the last incident, and what is going to happenen on the future. First I have to tell you that im very pleased because, some cops came last nigt and told me that I killed those nigers, that wanted to steal dad’s car, even the one that I wasn’t sure if it he was death. The only bad point about killing the niggers, is that im guilty because I kill them without mercy, so they gave me 3 years in prision, even that this was on self defense. So I will spend These 3 years here in prision, but you can come and visit me, some days a week. Anoth...

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