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             How to change the oil in your car.
             So you need your oil changed, but you don’t want to spend the time and money at a garage to have it done. Then here is way you can do it yourself with a few common household tools, a half hour, and about $10 for the filter and oil. It isn’t hard and you will get a little dirty, but the feeling of accomplishment and the money you will save from doing something you would usually pay somebody to do is well worth it. Here’s how:
             First you want to get a filter and the oil. You can get these at Wal-Mart, Kmart, or any auto parts store. Make sure you get the right filter for the make and year of your vehicle. The filter type should be in your owner’s manual. There should also be a catalog in the auto department to help you. You will need to know the year and make of your car and also the engine size. You can find the engine size on the top of the engine, or in the owner’s manual. The oil, there are many types, you can find the suggested type for your vehicle in the owner’s manual, but I usually use 10w 40 or 10w 30. You may also want to pick up a filter wrench while you’re here. They cost about five bucks and will become useful in removing the filter. The filter will cost about $4 and the oil about $1.50 a quart. You will need to get four quarts of oil for a four cylinder engine and five quarts for a V6 or V8 engine.
             You then want to find a level surface and jack your car up just high enough to get under it. Be sure the parking break is engaged and that you chock block the back wheels to prevent it from rolling. You will get a little dirty so don’t wear your Sunday’s finest. You may also want to get an old carpet or mat to put under the car to lie on. You will need to get a wrench, old rag, a container big enough to hold about six quarts to drain the used oil into, and a funnel to help pour the new oil into the engine.
             Then climb under the vehicle and find...

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