men better than women

             Men are more interesting personalities than Women
             There is a famous saying about the difference between a man and a woman, in a place where I come from. They say, “First of all God created this beautiful world and was so happy with himself that he slept for a while. Then he woke-up and made a man (Adam) and was so happy with himself that he took a little rest again. Then finally he woke-up and made a woman (Eve). Neither he had any sleep since than nor the men. It has been that day since it was decided that not only men are more interesting that women but also are more exciting, and to also a very good extent, are not chatterboxes.
             First and foremost I would like to convince one, who is reading the essay, to believe that men are more interesting than women. And unless my reader is a woman, one will be convinced. There are not one but many reasons for why men are interesting and the most important way of proving so will be the way they eat. Men have been eating like pigs since the beginning of time and they also have been demonstrating simplicity if they are men like Prince William or President Bush. Every time one will see a man eating there will always be something different about it, whereas women will always be exhibiting sophistication, elegance, finesse and will always be the same i.e. Boring!. Another reason for men to be interesting is because of their sense of excitement. It is in the blood of every man to be adventurous, and have the will of trying new things. For examples motorcycles, horse riding, dolphin rides and many other things. Whereas, women only want to travel in their beautiful Toyota Sequoias, Cadillac Escalade, or some fancy big SUV by Infiniti.
             Next allow me to demonstrate how men are not chatter boxes. Every one has friends. I hope so does one. Has any one ever heard a man back bitting on someone? Women have always been the one who you hear from the NEWS everyday. They have all the things to talk a

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