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The Effects of Stress Stress is a condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to what he or she desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important. Stress is not necessarily always bad; there are stressors in life that are positive. Positive stress is an opportunity when it offers potential gain. Some individuals often use stress positively to rise to the occasion and perform at or near their maximum. Stress is associated with constraints and demands and to evaluate the effects of these constraints and demands, one must understand what causes stress. There are three potential sources of stress and they are environmental, organizational, and individual factors. Whether these factors actually become stress depends on the individual and their lifestyles. However when these stressors are experienced be the individual, its symptoms can surface as physiological, psychological, and behavioral stress. Stress must be dealt with because it can cause severe trauma in the lifestyle of the individual. The consequences of stress show itself in a number of different ways. High stress levels can make an individual develop high blood pressure, ulcers, irrita Continue...

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The wellness programs can develop strong ties between employees and the organization. There are many approaches the Mayberry Police Department can take to reduce the levels of police officers stress and increase employee morale. High levels of stress and low levels of stress sustained over long periods of time, can lead to reduced employee performance, thus requiring action by management. It is important for an employee to feel connected to their job. Also increasing formal organization communication with employees reduces uncertainty by lessening role ambiguity and role conflict. Job dissatisfaction is the simplest and most obvious psychological effect of stress. The research conducted only offers a few suggestions but will be a great backbone to developing programs and communication skills which will increase and boost employee satisfaction and morale. Increased feedback about employee performance can reduce stress because these factors give the employee greater control over work activities and lessen dependence on others. Another way organizations can reduce stress is by redesigning jobs to give employees more responsibility and more meaningful work. Managing stress is critical to the satisfaction and enjoyment of employees. Physiological stress causes actual physical changes in the body. For the reasons, stress is important for organizations to monitor and study. These factors are controlled by management and there fore they can be modified and corrected. The result is less employee frustration, role ambiguity and stress.


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