Importance of Time Management

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Time management is important in any situation and most people have difficulty getting started. Time management is a skill that you have to learn. Time management is a life style. The best place to begin working on time management is by changing your behaviors and your environment. The definition of time management is: getting everything done in the allotted amount of time. It is a budgeting process of effectively using the time you have and getting rid of “useless” time. Organizing your activities in a sequence that best utilizes your time. Time management includes your personal life and business life. Time management is efficiency of your time. Analyze your current time and think how you can make better use of your time. One of the greatest assets a business can have is an employee who uses his or her time to its fullest potential. Time management is not an instinct, and instead, must be learned. Unfortunately, few schools or parents teach children basic time management skills. Using time wisely allows a person to complete tasks in an allotted time period, take on additional work, or spend more time with family. There are many things in an office environment that prevent effective time use. Interruptions are tim Continue...

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Indicate the end of a meeting by picking up the telephone as if to make a call (Heller Hindle 116-117). Although system furniture is a popular, cost-effective solution to furnishing open office areas, it doesn't lend itself well to this suggestion. Drucker met with the executive once per month, for an hour and a half. Use your voicemail to leave short messages saying when you will be in your office and that callers should call back at that time. Only five to ten-percent of files are actually used, say the Douglass's (95). The executive believed that there was no crisis in his business which could not wait 90-minutes (48). Spend this time with friends and family, learning new things, traveling to another country, or to simply enjoy hobbies or relaxing activities. Hold meetings in the offices of others so you decide when the meeting is over (146). A notebook will provide a central location for information, and eliminate the sticky-notes and scraps of paper adding to your office clutter. Since the majority of communication does not require face-to-face contact, consider using email as an efficient form of communication. A notebook has the added benefits of being easy to reference, and is much more portable than a handful of sticky-notes. In order to efficiently utilize these technologies, the first requirement is that you learn how to use the technology properly.


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