A Memorable Day

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On September Eleventh Two Thousand One the twin Towers collapsed. I was in school. The principal at got on the intercom and instructed the teachers to turn the televisions to channel Five. It was a massive destruction. Terrorists were hijacking our planes and crashing into the towers killing over three thousand innocent lives. It caused so many others pain. Others were worried. People were no lingering safe in America. Everyone everywhere was rush Continue...

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While teachers were trying to keep them calm. You don't really know or understand why or how good you have things in life. September Eleventh Two Thousand One is truly a memorable day in my life. Watching others lose loved ones makes you realize how much you love those who are around you. It makes people think of what they have, and instills that maybe what their doing is wrong. Living through a tragic and distrought event like this gives you a different perspective on life and how you live it. This tragic event is now published in every history books through out the U. It has the ability to change people's lives for the better. Others including myself, thought that we would never live through a time of history, and then are able to talk about it. Emotions were at a rage and uncontrollable.


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