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Observation Report

Observation Report Martin Luther King JR Elementary School I interned at Martin Luther King JR Elementary School. My experience there was very pleasant. I was placed in an ESE class with fourth and fifth graders. I introduced myself to the class and to the teachers. Ms.Henry is the teacher, and Mrs.Bowe is the special aid. They both were so nice and helpful. Exceptional Student Education, (ESE) is an important program for all learning disabled children. ESE provides Educational programs and services for students with special learning needs. An ESE classroom is composed of students of varying disabilities (VE.) Every child with a disability who is eligible for ESE will have an individual education plan (IEP.) An IEP is a personal written plan for each student according to his or her special needs and disabilities. The IEP reminds me of a road map for these children. It describes what the child can already do and what the child needs to learn in order to reach his or her goals. The IEP also identifies the kinds of help the child needs in order to learn. This is an idea of what “ESE” is. My two days at the school was a lesson well learned. I hope the following can give you an idea of what to expect and some insight into what it will be like for future teachers should they have an ESE in their classroom. Working with these children made me realize that it can be very difficult in reaching these children. I t requires a lot of patience and a real determination to make a difference in their lives. There is no right or set way to teach children with ESE. All of them have different temperaments, personalities, and they all have different academic levels. When the class began I could not believe some of the things that were going on. Some children were inattentive and disruptive. Ms.Henry would try to teach the class the lesson and go over all material. Half the class would listen and others were not even ackno...

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