the hindu temple

             The Hindu Temple is a central element in all aspects of everyday life in the Hindu community. To a Hindu, the temple is significant not only for its religious elements, but also for the elements of culture, society, and education that it brings to the community (Batchelor). Temples are an integral part in the life of any Hindus, whether he or she lives in Northern India, Southern India, or as far away as the United States. Hindu temples have been being built in India for thousands of years, and as is the case with any structure with such far-reaching boundaries of time and location, structural differences will exist between the temples of the different areas. The temple is an integral part in the daily life of Hinduisms. Not merely a pretty building to look at and admire, to a Hindu the temple is the center of intellectual, artistic, spirituals, educational, and social elements of daily life. The temple "is a place where God may be approached and where divine knowledge can be discovered" (Batchelor). For this reason, the "temple is designed to dissolve the boundaries between man and the divine. Not merely his abode, the temple 'is' God. God, and therefore by implication the whole universe, is identified with the temple's design and actual fabric" (Batchelor). The Hindu temple is a link between man and God, "between man and divinity" (Kumar). This link to social and spiritual can be seen in the architecture of the temples. "The architecture attempts to dissolve the boundaries between human beings and the divine, seeking to stress the unification with the divine as the ultimate aim" (Kumar).
             When building a Hindu temple, nothing is done arbitrarily or by chance. To further bring man closer to the Gods, temples are built on sacred sites, in order to "gain the full benefit of resident auspicious deities" (Michell 68). Examples of sacred sites include, according to the Brihatsamhita, "where groves are, near rivers, mou...

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