Information Technology

             What is Information Technology? Information technology is a fundamental change which is taking place in the nature and application of technology in business. This change has profound and far-reaching implications for an organization. Information technology is driven by the demands of the new, competitive business environment on the one hand and profound changes in the nature of computers in the other. Information Technology systems come in the shape of many technologically advanced devices which help deliver important information to managers who in turn, use this information to make crucial decision regarding the operations of their organization.
             This Information Technology can come in the form of computers, robots, sensors, and decision support systems. The newest form of Information Technology which is being implemented on the market today is the use of handhelds to aid managers and subordinates in their day to day operations. Is information Technology Flawless? Information technology (IT) is revolutionizing how business operates. Advanced information technology is becoming the single-most powerful force shaping the structure and functioning of work organizations, plants, offices, and executive suites.
             However, this revolution has not been without casualties, such as systems not running as they were supposed to, millions of dollars lost in downtime and missed opportunities, as well as computer systems that intended to expand creativity productivity instead turned around and made unwanted organizational responses and remained sluggish. These Information Technology systems usually fall short of their potential due to the failure to understand and manage the mutual influences of technology and organization throughout the extended implementation process. In recent years, many corporations have made major investments in the area of information technology. Despite these large investments, productivity and efficiency gains related to ...

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