Diary Of a Madman

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In “Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness” Oe explores two father-son relationships: one prematurely cut and the second, inversely, abundant with parental attention. The story concentrates around a man who has lost his father too early to have appropriately bonded with him, as well as this man’s relationship with his won new born son who, ironically, will never appreciate his fathers efforts due to a mental defect. The plot unfolds as the main character vainly attempts to investigate his father’s mysterious death after the elder’s long and unexplained isolation. He feels the lack of an enduring relationship with his father must be the source of aberration that has struck his own life. More often than not boys tend to grow closer with their fathers than they do with their mothers. A certain bond becomes forged between father and son, a bond than helps both get through the hardships of life. The destruction of such a bond may prove to have potentially long-term traumatic effects on the young man, as he is left bitter and without appropriate guidance. This seems to be the case with the main character of Oe’s story. A possible resolution, however, presents itself at the arri Continue...

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But the main character's childhood trauma finds itself into his adult life. Unable to cope with this loss and still wanting to have know his parent, he resurrects his father through a biographical text. Being an eager father, he mistakes his need to create quality time spending rituals for the infant's having developed food preferences. It is curious to see how the unresolved issues from the further relationship carry into the latter and how one man tries to rid himself of problems with his father through his own son. val of a new born son - an opportunity for the man deprived of a relationship with his father to mend his troubles by raising the child of his own in a healthy family atmosphere. In his own time his father too had isolated himself from his wife, but oblivious of his father's reasons for having done so, the main character sacrifices his wife's company for that of his infant son's. But he doesn't appear to let his imagination run amuck, as he begins to wonder whether the boy has grown so obese because he will eat anything that is placed before him and does not have particular preferences. "By accumulating numerous procedures of this kind between himself and his son, relates Oe "the fat man had structured a life unique to themselves. In this way the 'fat man' can face his troublesome past again, but this time around deal with it properly. In time he begins to imitate his father mentally by isolating himself and physically by gaining excess weight. He believes to function like a gateway between his son's dark mind and the reality this damaged mind cannot perceive. He imagines that he can feel his son's discomfort through the sensation of a touch and by the same token fuel the boy with the senses that are atrophied in him due to an inborn mental defect. The only thing that seems to matter is the main character's reenactment of his relationship with own father up to the point where the elder had died. No price seems too high for being a wholesome parent.


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