a letter of complaint

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Dear Sir, I would like to make use of your newspaper’s editorial column to complain about a newly opened restaurant where I was cheated. As it was my friend Mandy’s birthday last Saturday, I decided to take her to the ‘Lucky Choice Seafood Restaurant’ for dinner. We were shown to a small table near the kitchen. There were only a few tables occupied, but when we asked for a better one, the waiter refused. After we settled down, he threw the menu on our table in a rather offhand manner. We were quite taken aback by his unexpected attitude. While my friend was looking at the menu, I happened to glance around. Since the door to kitchen was open, I saw the chef smoking as he was preparing the food. The ash dropped onto the dish which w Continue...

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After what seemed ages, the food finally came but it looked rather unappetizing the presentation was not good at all. Then a waiter approached and Mandy ordered a steamed fish, some vegetables and two bowls of rice. He told us to pay 650 for the food we had not even eaten! When I argued he said, "If you are dissatisfied with the food GET OUT!!! I thought it was not reasonable to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for food we had not even touched! So we made for the door but were stopped by the rude manager who blocked our way. He said he'd call the police if we left without paying. Therefore I decided to write and warn the public not to patronize the 'Lucky Choice Seafood Restaurant' in Aberdeen. Yours Sincerely, L. This was inexcusable! Cockroaches were swarming around and I even saw a rat under a chair! I regret having entered this disgusting restaurant but held my tongue so as not to upset Mandy. I also saw some dead fish floating in the fish tank. As I did not want to cause any trouble, I paid up and we left the restaurant in a huff. We were both very upset by the unexpected turn of events. Mandy tried a morsel of fish and she almost choked on it! Next I tasted a bit and was shocked to find the fish smelt foul and tasted so disgusting that I nearly threw up! We called the manager to complain about the stale food but he wouldn't listen. This restaurant is a health hazard and should be boycotted unless some radical changes are made to the environment, service and food.


Filing a Discrimination Complaint
To file a complaint at the EEOC, John must write a letter to include the following information: His name, address, and telephone number; the name, address and (1017 4 )

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To file a complaint at the EEOC, John must write a letter to include the following information: His name, address, and telephone number; the name, address and (1017 4 )

Filing a Discrimination Complaint
more often the EEOC will issue what is called a "right to sue" letter to a to begin a civil lawsuit in federal court, the plaintiff files a complaint with the (947 4 )

Legal Process
and his employer will be notified of that in a letter of determination JohnÆs complaint, together with his employerÆs answer are called the ôpleadingso and (1025 4 )

Types of Discrimination Prohibited
The EEOC will investigate the specific complaint made. More often, the EEOC will send a letter to the employee informing them of their right to sue in federal (1183 5 )

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