Factual Programme Production

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Factual Programme Production Factual programming takes up a large percentage of terrestrial and digital airtime in the United Kingdom. It could easily be considered the largest of the genres, and it has many sub-genres that make up for a popular airtime filler. One of the most influential sub-genres in factual programming would be considered to be the News, which captures a large and varied target audience and holds all ‘mealtime’ slots for each day. The news programmes have always been a very important part of the British society, and a lot of people take the information presented on these programmes as absolute fact. This is largely due to the way these programmes present themselves. The news readers are always dressed in a well presented way (the traditional English suit and tie), which gives the audience a sense of the presenter being a representative of truth and accuracy. This is a very subtle technique to persuade the audience that the facts presented to them are being relayed in an appropriate manner. The truth behind this is the fact that to obtain these stories you require journalists. Journalists are, by there very own nature, politically judgemental, and when they go out to obtain a story they go with there Continue...

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They started the teaser campaign with just a quick flash of the eye logo in-between other advertisements, from what I can remember these had no audio, and there was no other clue as to what it was advertising. When you can see the images of where an incident has occurred, you can relate to the people involved and feel sympathy towards their situation. This may seem a little off point but I think this is one of the most powerful elements used in news programming. As the weeks progressed the teasers would increase in length and would add more clues to the images, until they put on the full adverts, revealing what the eye was all about. The presentations to camera by the presenter are very informal, making the audience feel comfortable, like they are friends with the presenter. Each element works with the other to bring everything into a structure; giving a sense of order, further confirming the representation of accuracy to the audience. Human nature is to be inquisitive, so factual programming fits this criteria perfectly, that is why it is so popular across such a broad range of class, age, sex, race etc. The show includes voiceovers which inform the audience of factual points which keep the audience informed and entertained. Big Brother; a widely popular reality TV programme has put reality TV programmes on the map thus becoming one of the first interactive multi format products. Like when a child has gone missing you are inevitably going to see an interview with the parents pleading for the safe return of their child. This means the story we end up watching is merely a representation of what a journalist has chosen to put forward. They are usually very dominating in mood, and orchestras seem to be the most popular used music medium. All these put together give the audience an insight of the pain the parents must be going through. I have researched a broad range of factual programmes and considered the range of elements presented in each programme .