Candidate centered campaigns

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Candidate-centered campaigns Candidate-centered politics are election campaigns and other political processes in which candidates, not political parties, have most of the initiative and influence. The parties’ major role in campaigns is the raising and spending of money. The game begins with lots of money. The “money chase” is relentless. The major source of campaign funds comes from the RNC (Republican National Committee) and the DNC (Democratic National Committee). There are two types of money that campaigners receive, hard money and soft money. Hard money is campaign funds given directly to candidates to spend as they choose. Soft money is campaign contributions that are not subject to legal limits and are given to Continue...

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If a person is able to identify the face of a politician and what he has said in campaigns, then that candidate has a better chance of winning. Modern media has influenced and possibly altered the history of politics. " The appearance of a candidate on public television is very important. They produce televised political advertising and create the "photo-ops and other staged events that attract news coverage (The American Democracy, 252). Because soft money is not regulated by election laws, companies, unions and individuals may give donations in any amount to a political party for the purpose of "party building. Most candidates have to conform to the demands of the media. If these awful things continue, people will come to your house, steal your money and shoot your dog. Media consultants teach the candidates how to use the media properly.


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