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The Most Influential Person in my life. The personality who altered my mind the most was a man of peace and tranquility. He was a man who influenced many world leaders such as Martin Luther King. He taught the world to fight with the qualities of both civil disobedience and self-sacrifice, something the world seems to have lost and needs to relearn. The individual was considered to be the father of his country, was the leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British rule. Although, his real name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, people who admire him, prefer to call him as Mahatma Gandhi (The Great Soul). Not only, the great person influenced me intellectually, but also changed my life soc Continue...

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The word 'Satyagraha' stands for the greatest humiliation and brightest faith. Through the education about Mahatma Gandhi, I changed my life completely in a intellectual, social, and religious way. Intellectually, Mahatma Gandhi educated me that taking the path of peaceful non-cooperation and 'Satyagraha', will give anyone iron will with true vision. Through the religion of Hinduism, Mahatma Gandhi believed in simple living and high thinking. Also, a person should have courage to fight against the whole world, if the one knows he is right. The way Mahatma Gandhi changed my life is completely beyond description. Every commitments and decisions he made were preferred to used by a scared volume 'Gita' he read. Every time, I read these words, it gives me a desire of purifying my mind toward the path of nonviolence. I believe Gandhi lived in Gita, and it would be terrific if we all could do it. Socially, Mahatma Gandhi taught me, not supporting injustice is the most sacred duty, and revenge is not the perfect way to find pleasure. Perfectly, Mahatma Gandhi wrote words for revenge as, "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. All together, Mahatma Gandhi gave me the truest spirit to become a person with a great soul. Religiously, I widely read in books about Mahatma Gandhi's interest in Hinduism.


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