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The internet is computer based global information system. It is composed of many interconnected computer networks. Each network may link thousands of computers enabling them to share information. The internet has brought a transformation in many aspects of life. It is one of the biggest contributors in making the world into a global village. Use of internet has grown tremendously since it was introduced. It is mostly because of its flexibility. Nowadays one can access the internet easily. Most people have computers in their homes but even the ones who don?t they can always go to cyber cafes where this service is provided. The internet developed from software called the ARPANET which the U.S military had developed. It was only restrict to military personnel and the people who developed it. Only after it was privatized was it allowed to be used commercially. The internet has developed to give many benefits to mankind. The access to information being one of the most important. Student can now have access to libraries around the world. Some charge a fee but most provide free services. Before students had to spend hours and hours in the libraries but now at the touch of a button students have a huge database in front of them Continue...

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They can have online discussions with other students as well. Media and entertainment companies use the internet for online news and weather services and to broadcast audio and video, including live radio and television programs. Security measures have to be tightened. There is another aspect of the internet-internet chat. Educational institutions provide online courses. Housewives can do courses by applying from their homes and at the same time look after their kids. The growing traffic on the net provides a major hurdle. When one is talking to strangers one does not really know who they are. Online chatting also has its own hazards. One can also see ones loved ones online, all this happening at the same time. The phone industry has also suffered because more people are making calls through the internet. This sort of material has a real bad effect on the minds of people no matter what the age. Programs have been formed to stop or infiltrate the information that one is receiving but still there is no way all sites can be blocked because the World Wide Web is a huge world. Online lectures also take place through video conferences and one can see ones professors too, making a sort of online classroom. This had already been done with many e-mail inboxes.


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