What is Sexy?

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What is Sexy? Today the word “sexy” is most likely used to describe a gorgeous, voluptuous woman or a handsome man. Often times when a boy sees a big breast, big butt girl in skimpy clothes walking down the street, without delay, they would want to shout out a degrading remark. Is that girl what is considered sexy these days? The dictionary defines sexy as “arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.’ The word sexy holds connotations of lust and sex appeal. Sexy could be a lot of things, from the way a person walks, talks, or even smells. For the most part, “sexy” is based on one’s own perception. A passerby immediately catches my attention. He is good looking and has bulging biceps and a body that looks like it is going to bust out of his shirt. I am instantly attracted to him and the thought, “Whoa he is sexy” pops into my mind. Just the mere scent of a passerby can arouse and bring forth the most primitive and quintessential human desire. Good looks are the first thing to being sexy. A nice face and a nice body is not the only thing that appeals to me though. It is the most pleasing when a guy’s mind is matc Continue...

The desire to become beautiful has become more and more of an issue everyday. Today the ideal body is a balance of skinny and curvy (Curvy Chick). On "True Life: I'm Getting Plastic Surgery, a MTV show, a built, good looking man wanted to get calf implants so that he could have sexier legs. It is how a person is perceived that makes him or her sexy. Who even notices a person's calves And two beautiful girls with the perfect bodies get breast implants, a nose job, lip job, and liposuction when they did not even need it. Today she would have been considered overweight. Then in the 1960s thin became popular because Lesley Hornby stepped onto the scene, the first supermodel. A sexy woman does not let it show that she knows she is beautiful. A woman could be sexy fully clothed, classy, and sophisticated. People's perception of how a woman should look has been changing throughout the years. A person with a great personality could be sexy. It is no fun when he is handsome, but I cannot carry a conversation with him. A gorgeous man or woman could be sexy.