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ESSAY: STATUS OF WOMEN IN SOCIETY O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (one who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). [Quran 49:13] Since the beginning of time women are considered the ‘Inferior sex and men automatically the superior despite of the words written in our holy book that in the eyes of God the highest placement always belongs to the one who is pious and most righteous. Renowned Muslim woman scholar Dr.Riffat Hassan has rightly concluded in one of her articles that in spite of the fact that the Holy Quran is particularly solicitous about women's wellbeing and development, women have been the targets of the most serious human rights violation in Muslim societies. Not Islam but the contrariety that exists between Quranic ideals and practice of a number of women -related issues contributes to a large extent the present status of women. The typical subjugated image of Pakistani women mirrors the centuries old patriarchy in the sub-continent and legacy of the military regimes in the coun Continue...

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Seeking help through organizations is much more effective, reliable and easier in the urban areas than rural areas. The role of media in Pakistan has also been sluggish when it came to improving the status of women in society. The two ways through which this target can be achieved is firstly through proper commitment of our home media (TV, Radio Newspapers and Films) that has the power to mould public opinion and here the government's support has to be unconditional. There is often little or no education for them in the male chauvinistic society and are married off at a very younger age with the decision making power strictly in the hands of male family members. After suffering at hands of her unfair mother who always put her down in favor of her other prettier children Tehmina put up with her nightmare of a marriage to Khar. I think it would be the best way to broadcast this message because the society that we are talking about here is the rural Pakistani society where literacy is still a luxury and talking about these issues such as rape and physical violence against women a taboo. Information technology, which has been supported to a great extent by our present regime for the economic uplift of our country, has the potential to improve the status of women. Broadcasting this paper through radio or television would create awareness for that society since they are the main target here, printing it in a magazine and receiving certain amount of either criticism or appreciation and then it being discarded as one of the many awareness and "reality check kind of articles that people would like to read and talk about just so that they can sound more educated and concerned about the society would not do any good. In the rural areas of Frontier or the villages of Sindh and Punjab, she lives with the identity of either the mother of the future feudal lord, wife, daughter or sister of the feudal, where as in the urban cities women are educated and not completely deprived of their legitimate rights and to some extent considered equivalent to men. Their other tragedy lies in the fact that what was highly progressive in those early days of Islam and which ought to have been kept in step with the changing of the realities of life through Ijtehad, was frozen in that position through retrogressive interpretation of religious edicts. Where the husband ill-treats or abuses them they must put up with it. Even if they do have what it takes to lead a respectable life and demand respect out of those who don't they are overpowered by a man at some point. In addition to that, women in Pakistan face all kinds of gross violence and abuse at the hands of the male perpetuators, family members and state agents. She is simply forced to accept certain bare facts of life often through physical empowerment as women considerably the "physically weaker sex, once she grows up to be a woman. 300 women were estimated to have been killed in the name of 'honor' in one province of Pakistan alone.


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