Fortune Favors the Brave

             “Fortune Favors the Brave”, a quote from the book The Aeneid, by Virgil. This quote means that good will come to the people who put others in front of themselves. This quote relates to many charters in a book called Sudden Twists.
             In the short story, “the Getaway”, the counter man is crafty. When to men ask for a map he sees there holsters, because of this he tricks the crooks into going to a small town, thinking there is a bridge there. He knows they’re crooks because he said, “… I got a load of their shoulder holsters.” The counter man tricked them by saying, “Anything recent would show the Haket bridge… pretty fair road clear to Chihuahua.” From these actions it shows the counterman is focused, tricky, respectful, watchful, and courageous, because he tricked the robbers into going to a non-exiting bridge when he new they had guns. Before the robbers left they broke the telephone, then he hurried to fix the phone optimistically, according to the author, “he seemed a little pale, but didn’t waste any time, he took a screwdriver out of the drawer.” This shows that the counterman is optimistic, and fast working. Being able to trick the robbers so the police could catch them, and he could get his money back rewarded the counterman.
             In the story “The Underwater Test”, Jimmy shows many actions of bravery. One example of bravery is staying with his shipmate, while his compartment in the submarine filled with water. The author said his choices were “He could leave Larry and save himself” but his diction was “… all right Jimmy said. He walked through the sweeping water toward the main intake valve.” This shows that Jimmy is self-satisfied, because he saved his shipmate. Another example is when Jimmy didn’t run when they opened the tower door when they thought they were underwater. He said, “But…but were under water Jimmy dazed… he stopped and gulped as Larry, who’d climbed the latter ...

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