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Essay on the movie “Monsoon Wedding” The movie “Monsoon Wedding” is quite purely about a typical Indian style wedding, showing us the random mistakes and mishaps that occur during this festive period. Although the wedding dominates much of the movie, Nair seems to be more interested in exploring the conflict between tradition and modernity, as well as the effects of the ever-encroaching Western culture on Indian life. Nair, who studied at Harvard University, obviously views that struggle through bittersweet eyes, something that must be embraced, but warily. “Monsoon Wedding” puts its characters on that same path of discovery, and this ebullient, joyous film lets you share the highs and lows of their journey. The idea of hardly knowing a person and be willing to commit the rest of your life to them is a concept that most people in today’s society wouldn’t even have thought twice about. That’s exactly what Monsoon Wedding is based upon, a traditional Indian pre-arranged marriage. This movie highlights the differences between North American culture and a traditional Indian culture. Throughout the entire movie there was instances that showed how a pre-arranged marriage could be just as successful as what we wou Continue...

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It's amazing that India and many other countries can still stick to this tradition and continual making it as special as it very well is. From the flowers to the wedding dresses, the entire engagement and marriage process are traditionally Indian. Numerous ceremonies take place in preparation for the wedding day, including a ritual of placing henna on the females' bodies that are symbolic for a wedding. This is a concept that is completely different than in our society, but the way the story is written proves that this type of tradition is just as, if not more, successful than the marriages on North America and rest of the similar countries. Monsoon Wedding gives us a glimpse of how a traditional Indian wedding takes place, from the father planning the wedding to the actual wedding ceremony being almost secondary in comparison to the ceremonies that occur beforehand. Once everyone arrives at the Vermas' house in India, you can sense the immediate bond between every family member in the way they are greeted. Usually when a couple decides to get married its after a period of time in which they've fallen in love and grown comfortable with each other. This is achieved through displaying a very traditional setting and wedding process, how close a family can stay although geographically distant, and that in Indian culture, no dating period is needed before getting married. Even after the truth about Uncle Tej is exposed, the family still manages to come together and make the best of the joyful occasion. But I guess that is just how we have evolved; it's now getting harder to forgive one another and learn to give a second chance. Almost every person in the movie is involved in the wedding preparations, where in our society usually the only people involved are the selected members of the wedding party. In our society I feel that when a situation of abuse is brought in to a family it most certainly causes the family to choose sides and drift further apart.


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But the son goes even farther and kidnaps the moneylender's daughter on her wedding day. Roy-Chowdhury, Sandip. "The Monsoon Girl." India Currents 31 Jan. (4639 19 )

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But the son goes even farther and kidnaps the moneylender's daughter on her wedding day. Roy-Chowdhury, Sandip. "The Monsoon Girl." India Currents 31 Jan. (4639 19 )